My debut

My blood! though littered everywhere
still united in the turn of sphere
wasted as a result of brutish acts
the thick flow of it in the paths.

I will cherish the blood that bathe me
soaked in the cultures of him that fathers me.
In it grows the heritage of a monument
tilt in the mixture of races for the moment.

I will wail and bewail my blood
whose “DNA” was traced through the flood
that took me to a strange land
where fetters of chain is my brand.

My kinsman in pretence of love
made my life a sacrilege of Jove
enrich his pocket and family worth
with my blood and stuff.

Alas! A stranger traced my blood to my soil
revealing my kinsman evils rapped in the foil
of my blood in a strange land for a toy
receiving the praise of my land for a joy.

I will rather weep for my blood
that my kinsman betrayed with a flood.
Instead of a ‘stranger’s evil’ in my land
To wit, I will seek to implant.


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